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JÓL-LÉT Alapítvány

Proaktívan a nők gazdasági függetlenségéért, kiteljesedéséért és munkahelyi esélyegyenlőségéért

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About Us

We established JÓL-LÉT Közhasznú Alapítvány in 2002 with the aim to find solutions for the reconciliation of the widely experienced difficulties of maternity and work/profession/carrier.

Our vision is a society in which women and men recognise that real equality is the key of their personal fulfillment.

The mission of JÓL-LÉT FOUNDATION is to contribute to a society based on the equality of women and men.

Our objective is to enable every women and men become what they want to be. In order to achieve this, we continue our mind-forming campaign, provide counselling services to individuals, employers and decision makers.

Our main achievements:

In 2005, JOL-LET launched the first domestic parent-friendly job placement and counselling service which has been operating sustainably since then and has carried out successful reintegration into the labour market focusing on women.

❖ JOL-LET is a full member of Hungarian Women’s Lobby, the national representative of the European Women’s Lobby, the largest umbrella organization of women’s organizations promoting gender equality across Europe. It is also a full member of several professional organizations working on diversity issues, such as Hungarian Employers’ Forum on Equal Opportunities and the Hungarian Telework Federation.

❖ JOL-LET launched and operates a network of 11 NGO’s called NORA NETWORK which is a national anti-discrimination and gender-conscious labour market advisory network.

❖ JOL-LET has realized national and international research programs on flexible and womenfriendly employment, gender stereotyping, women entrepreneurship and dual parenting.

❖ JOL-LET developed a Proactive Maternity Management Program in 2010 in order to provide professional support for employers in their reintegration and reconciliation practices, realize corporate gender equality development programs which include quantitative and qualitative measurement, training and advisory work.

❖ JOL-LET fostered the renewal of the Family-Friendly Workplace Award, and launched its yearly competition of “Best Reintegrating Employers”.

❖ JOL-LET has played a crucial role in raising awareness of issues related to gender equality, women-friendly social and labour environment, women’s role in decision making and active fathering in Hungary with its events and active media presence. Our competences include: Research Gender expertise Training, consultancy Strategy building, strategic planning, organizational development National and regional coordination Public relations, event organization, campaign Local tenders.

Contact: Kata Kevehazi,CEO
Mobile: +36 20 973 2803
Address: H-1068 Budapest, Benczúr u. 45.


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